Fox News Fails With McEnany in Tucker's Old Slot While Carlson Teases His Launch


If you have watched conservative media for any length of time, you know that Fox News has been flirting with the middle of the road for quite a while now, and has also been dangerously close to joining that squashed opossum currently festering on the center line. Maybe they should change the name to “Opossum News.” Instead of “First on Fox,” they can try “Obsolete on Opossum.”


And then Fox gave Tucker Carlson the boot. With the exception of Greg Gutfeld, the network has been engaged in a continuous game of “Stop Hitting Yourself” ever since.

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In an attempt to fill the gap left by Carlson’s eviction, Fox has been circulating through other personalities to fill the slot. And bless their hearts, they must have thought they finally picked a winner with this week’s host. Somebody thought, “Hey, I know! Let’s get Kayleigh McEnany! She’s easy on the eyes, looks like a typical Fox News host, and she used to work for Trump! That will bring everyone back! Even the hardcore MAGA folks will come stampeding back to the fold! Handshakes and dirty martinis all around!

Yeah, nice try, but everyone seems to be taking yet another hard pass.

Conservative Brief notes that former Fox fans are still not ready to forgive and forget. Some responses included:

“No way in Hell! I hope you fail right along w FOX. Turning on Trump, who made you famous, was your demise.”

“Sorry Kayleigh, I have the greatest respect for you, but Fox really messed up and I don’t trust them any longer.”

“No. We leave with Tucker.”


From the thread:

“Nah … I don’t think so!  You know why. What happened to you ?” 

“Nah. Got better things to do.”

“Good grief. Conservatives no longer watch Fox News. Catch up.”

“If I wanted to watch a chick railing on about being pro-choice I’d watch The View.”

“Sorry Kayleigh, people have become fed up with Fox antics, no longer are viewing the prime time shows, and unfortunately I won’t even be swayed to return with your appearance.”

“In your dreams, traitor.”

“Sorry, Kayleigh, can’t do it, especially that time slot.”

“Thanks for all you have done and keep it up, but I will not be watching you on Fox.”

There were a few who were willing to give her a chance, but most of those who replied had no intention of fixing their eyeballs on Fox News Tonight. Fox should know that pandering to both sides only leads to failure. Particularly when it comes to ratings.

Leaving Fox to twist in the wind, for the moment, Tucker fans have a reason to rejoice. As the poet once said, “Don’t call it a comeback/ I’m gonna knock you out.” Yep, Carlson shall return:


Now we know what those conversations with Elon Musk were all about. The beauty of this move is that because Twitter is a social media platform, Tucker is pretty much free to do as he wishes, no matter what the Fox brass has to say about it. Besides, those guys have their hands full right now. Tucker will go back to doing what he does best. Fox News will continue to tap dance.



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