University of Florida Students Chant 'F*** DeSantis' During 'Inject-In' Protest

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On Friday, the University of Florida was the scene of a trans protest. I know, at this point, a day without a protest is a like a day without gravity. But this particular demonstration took a new tack. At issue were recent moves by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and the legislature that could curtail or place regulations on gender treatments  Of course, there was the usual marching, and the crowd of demonstrators participating in the “Inject-In @ SHCC” yelled “F*** DeSantis” as they passed the University’s Chick-fil-A. Nothing particularly unusual about that. Although someone could have shouted, “Trans chickens are chickens!” Which would have at least put an interesting accent on the day and would have been a nice change of pace. The College Fix provided an account of the affair along with a link, which propriety dictates I not post here. Yes, the “F” word again. Forget surgery, somebody needs to get these people some dictionaries so they can expand their vocabularies. Although to be fair, the decline and fall of civilization may be tied to the use of the “F” word. I have to admit that there are those on the right who could not recite the Preamble to the Constitution, the Pledge of Allegiance or The Lord’s Prayer without dropping the “F-bomb.”  So that may be a systemic problem.


When the crowd reached its destination, everyone fell silent as people began to inject the hormone of their choice. Once that was complete, the crowd broke into cheers. The denouement came as people dropped their spent supplies into a box taped to a cardboard cutout of DeSantis. The CollegeFix had a  quote from one attendee:

We marched from the corner of campus into the heart of campus to the student health center. In front of the health center we set up and had several speakers, and then those who felt moved to it went up front and injected their hormones all together. It was really lovely, and although I forgot to bring my T with me so I couldn’t participate, I was incredibly proud of all these brave young folks. They are fighting the good fight, and I’m glad to stand beside them, because soon enough the state will be coming after my hormones too.

And a good time was had by all. Bud Light may or may not have been served.

Many have posited that the recent acts of violence such as the Nashville shootings and the attack on Riley Gaines were motivated by the effect that leftist dogma has had on young minds. But could it be a medical issue? I talked to a medical professional who specializes in hormone replacement therapy.


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I learned that if a woman is taking testosterone to transition and does not keep to a regular schedule or uses too much, she could be prone to aggression, rage, violent outbursts, major depression and suicidal tendencies. Confusion and the sudden and even severe inability to speak can also be symptoms.

For men taking estrogen because they want to become women, there is a risk of mood swings and depression, along with memory issues and the exacerbation of any underlying mental health issues.

As any healthcare provider with a conscience will tell you, hormone injections need to be in the proper dosages and at the prescribed time, not when one feels like it. Doing things like saving their daily dose for a demonstration and forgetting to bring their “T” with them would seem to point to a rather cavalier attitude by these people toward treatments. And then there is the little matter of dropping used syringes into a cardboard box as opposed to a medical sharps container. No chance of injury or exposure to disease there. Nope. Ah, the college mind at work. But what’s a little hepatitis, or possibly  worse, among friends?


And then there is the fact that these people’s bodies are coping with hormones at levels with which they were never designed to handle. Could it be that along with physical damage, these young people are inadvertently whipping themselves into some form of ‘roid rage? That could explain the uptick in violence. But what does that mean in terms of safety for someone who finds himself at the hands of another mob? And for that matter, what will happen to the minds of those who are inflicting these injections on themselves after, say, ten or so years? What does the human brain look like after so many mood swings and bouts of anger, depression, and memory loss? While it may be hard to summon sympathy for the trans movement’s tantrums and attacks, particularly in the wake of Nashville, in fifteen years, what used to be healthy men and women may be nothing more than pitiable wrecks.



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