The Perils of Karine Jean-Pierre

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Can we finally all admit that Karine Jean-Pierre is just biding her time until someone gives her a slot at NPR or a Sunday night show on MSNBC or CNN? Maybe she can replace Don Lemon in that weekday breakfast gig. She doesn’t seem to be trying very hard these days, and I actually miss the Jen Psaki  sessions. At least Psaki made an effort to play the game. We knew she was lying, she knew she was lying, and she knew that we knew that she knew that we knew she was lying. But at least she brought a little panache to the BS. Jean-Pierre is like that old car that everyone has owned at some point in their lives. You know, the one where you go out, turn the key, and for a nanosecond hope it will turn over, although in your heart of hearts you know it is just going to sit there, leaking oil.


As you probably know, in the latest entry into the cringe parade that is part and parcel of the current administration, Biden went a bit above and beyond the usual expected gaffe/awkward moments that have become the hallmarks of his occupancy in the Oval Office. While talking about two young men who died from fentanyl, Biden ended his comments with a chuckle after of course pinning the problem on Trump. Maybe he is so senile that at this point he really has no idea what he is saying and to add a laugh seemed like a good idea at the time. Or maybe he and his people are so self-absorbed that a mother’s misery has no effect on them. My bet is he thought that everyone would smile and guffaw over the fact that it was during his arch-enemy’s term that this incident occurred and enjoy a belly laugh at Trump’s expense. Instead, Biden came across looking like a self-indulgent, uninformed, elitist circus animal with all of the sensitivity of a urinal cake. Sorry, I can’t chalk this one up to cognitive decline. The man was a self-serving political hack before he took office. There is no reason to expect he would be anything different now. The only thing that has changed is that there is a media devoted to maintaining the myth of Good Ol’ Uncle Joe for the sake of the Democrat Party.



There were a number of ways Biden could have addressed the issue that even at this stage in his failed presidency would have made him look like a semi-decent human being. But he of course chose the most odious option available.

The mother of the dead boys did not see the humor in Biden’s remarks, just like anyone who has not sold their soul to the devil for power and luxury. And chances are, even a few that have had to admit that the scene was hideous. The mom demanded an apology. A reporter asked Jean-Pierre about it during the Thursday press gaggle, and according to American Wire, here was her response:

So, you know, I want to be very careful here because this involves a mom, as you just stated, who lost two sons. And when it comes to this President, I believe the American people knows who he is fundamentally, because he’s been around for some time, and they have watched him go through grief, they have watched him deal with really personal loss.

And so, this is a President that understands that. He expressed sympathy for her last night. And his heart goes out to any person — any person who has to go through that type of trauma, that type of hurt. I will say, his words are being mischaracterized by someone who is regularly discredited for things that she says that are, really, conspiracy theories. And those lies are being parroted by a certain network. And — and, you know — and, you know, I’ll just leave it there.


So Joe is the real victim here. Don’t ever forget to make the president your number-one priority and the focus of all of your empathy. Love your Dear Leader. Sympathize with your Dear Leader. Party loyalty over all. Jean-Pierre also made veiled references to Fox News and Marjorie Taylor Greene. And as to the “lies.” Really? “Lies”? We have it on video. It. Is. On. Video. If you doubt me, please see the video above. When I was in HazMat, we were taught to videotape a scene. The mantra was, “The camera remembers what the eye forgets.” Or, in this instance, what the press secretary ignores. Of course, someone will say there is too much being made out of this. But if Trump was caught on camera breaking wind during the National Anthem, the gibbons in the press would be howling to each other about it for weeks. But this? This is a “lie,” citizen. If you don’t believe that, then hand over your bank card and prepare for re-education.

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Karine Jean-Pierre should have figured out by now that if you try to polish a turd too many times, it just falls apart in your hands. And if you try to spin it, the you-know-what just goes all over the room. And even if your friends won’t admit it, the place will still stink.



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