Scott Adams Says White People Should 'Get the Hell Away From Black People'

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This was Scott Adams in 2018:

This is Scott Adams in 2022:

(Via Daily Kos. WARNING: strong language)


Here is the tweet from Rasmussen that Adams is citing:

The Dilbert creator is known for tweaking people and having an acerbic wit. He’s also a satirist. So we will, as usual, have to wait for the news cycle progresses to see if this was meant to be tongue-in-cheek or is genuine. In an already polarized nation, Adams’ comments are the red meat over which the blue media salivates. The Daily Kos began its piece with the 1963 quote from former Alabama governor George Wallace, “I say, segregation today… segregation tomorrow… segregation forever.” The comparison was obvious. The Daily Beast’s headline called Adams “unhinged” and kicked off the article by calling him a Trump supporter. Because you can’t write a news piece today without mentioning Trump at least once.*

Adams did make some inflammatory comments. Calling 47% of blacks a hate group certainly qualifies. Urging white people to get away from black people has raised some eyebrows, as has his talking about his own decision to move. But he also quoted CNN’s Don Lemon as saying that there are problems in black neighborhoods that are not present in white neighborhoods. The Left can be as outraged as it wants, but Lemon said it. Start with him.

Was Adams’ video a racist rant, or the sound of a man giving up? The man who partnered with someone to rebuild Detroit is now saying that such efforts are no longer worth his time since the only outcome is that he is called a racist. And what of the videos he mentions of black attacks on non-blacks? Attacks on blacks, whether they are actual or manufactured, receive no end of press. When the reverse is true, the media and federal, state, and local governments turn handsprings to avoid mentioning the races involved. What are we to make of that? Are these attacks racism or karma?


The Left is making hay out of this, and while I have not read all of the coverage, white people with a racial agenda will also make use of it, too. Everyone will find a way to leverage this before the sun sets today. And while 53% of black people polled said it is okay to be white, 26% said it was not and 21% were not sure. Forty-seven percent is not a majority, but the margin is slim. What is expected of white people when they meet one of the 47%? Some of the commenters in the various threads have talked about being verbally harassed and threatened with death by black people, for no other reason than the color of their skin. Are we approaching an inflection point where one type of racism will be officially permissible? Or perhaps an acceptable social more? And for those who do not think it is okay to be white, do they realize that they put their own humanity at risk with this belief?

Is it, as Adams says, too late? Is it no longer viable for us to live together? I have to admit, I don’t know. I’d like to think we can. And on an individual basis, I believe it is still possible. But powerful people would prefer that not happen. Joe Biden and his administration, who follow in the footsteps of Lyndon Baines Johnson in utilizing the black population for political power, would love to see this trend continue. As would countless schools, colleges, and universities, and the people who have found a way to monetize racial unrest through speeches, seminars, and books. Clearly, there are those who would rather see conflict instead of peace, and who would rather roll back the clock than move forward. And it is for those people that we should reserve our ire. How many racists, real or imagined, have they managed to create? How much animosity have they stoked to increase their power, egos, and bank accounts? These people are the problem.


My grandson is about to enter adolescence. When he was a baby, I used to rock him to sleep and bounce him on my knee in the very chair from which I am writing this. Since then, there have been army men waging tiny battles in the backyard, reading books before bedtime, school recitals, Renaissance Faires, trips to amusement parks, and cookouts and ice cream. Along with birthdays, Christmases, and Thanksgivings. My grandson is part white, part Mexican, and part Native American. I have never thought of him as my “Mexican” or “Indian” grandson. Just as my grandson, and one of my favorite people in the world. What do I tell him about all of this? What do I tell him about a world that hates one part of him or another and will justify that hatred through spittle-laced invective and even violence? Biden, his administration, and his party and their various appendages seem to hate one part of my grandson while embracing the others. Which is ludicrous. And they hate me for merely occupying space on this planet. No matter that I have never uttered the N-word and have never held a racist point of view in my life. By the color of my skin, the people pushing this agenda have decided I must be whatever they define me to be. Which is racist. And evil. Just as evil as the white supremacists that the DOJ claims are hiding behind the stack of tomatoes at your local grocery store. And I refuse to bow to evil racists or submit my grandson to them. No matter their side, and no matter their color.

*Interestingly enough, Raw Story reported in November of last year that Adams told VA Governor Glenn Youngkin that he was “out” in terms of supporting Trump, following Trump’s attacks on Youngkin.




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