All About the Benjamins: A CRT For-Profit Non-Profit Is Unmasked by Project Veritas

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On Wednesday, Project Veritas dropped the second release in its investigation into the company Teaching Lab and its content manager, Dr. Quinton Bostic. As PJ Media reported yesterday, Teaching Lab has been selling critical race theory teaching materials to Georgia schools under the guise of a DEI curriculum. Teaching CRT is banned under Georgia state law. The scheme was uncovered by Project Veritas.


During the second part of the interview with the undercover reporter, Bostic admits that Teaching Lab is making money on the deal and even refers to the operation as a “scam lab.”  The article quoted Bostic:

My boss [Teaching Lab CEO Sarah Johnson] is a freaking psychopath…She’s running a non-profit but it’s for profit. I said, ‘So, hypothetically these people [Gates Foundation] are funding you to build a program. Once the grant is over, you take the program, and you sell it to people – for money. I was like, ‘Is that legal?’ She [Teaching Lab CEO Sarah Johnson] was like, ‘It has nothing to do with me.’ She said, ‘The grant ended, we fulfilled the grant.’ And I’m like, ‘But we’re selling a product of the grant.” She’s like, ‘It’s not my problem.’ And I’m like, ‘Wow.’ She’s like, ‘It’s non-profit work. People do it all the time.’ I’m like, ‘Sarah, is that legal?’

The Reader’s Digest version is that Teaching Lab was given grants to develop CRT materials. They sell those materials at a profit while also indoctrinating kindergartners. In some cases, we’re talking massive amounts of money. You can see the interview below.


So on top of everything else, some of the people providing this curriculum to schools don’t even like kids? I suppose technically that doesn’t matter since they aren’t teachers, but one would think that the salespeople would have to have some empathy for the young ‘uns. But as Bostic pointed out, they are salespeople, not educators.


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In his own way, Dr. Bostic has exposed the one of worst parts of the CRT movement. Just as contributions to BLM went to elect Democrats and to help its leaders “buy large mansions,” the aim of Teaching Lab is to make money. Beyond the damage CRT has done to students and others, race has become a grift. And it is the best grift of all, since most people, even those in the know or who just have suspicions, are often too terrified or are making too much money to breathe a word.



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