Middle School Field Trip + Pole Dancing! What Could Go Wrong?

David Goldman

Remember field trips in school? Usually, those trips were to a museum, a concert, or somewhere educational. Once in a while, you might luck out and visit the zoo or, if the stars were perfectly aligned, you might even get a year-end visit to an amusement park.


I don’t recall ever going to a nightclub, and I lived in a pretty liberal school district. How about you? No? It must be a Detroit thing. You see, recently, Hart Middle School in Michigan took their kids to the symphony and then out for pizza. So far, so good, right? But things apparently got a little crowded at Niki’s Pizza, and so at least some of the kids were taken to Niki’s Lounge, a “sister business” next door, for their dining experience. Middle school kids in a nightclub. There’s a plan. Just as an aside: What pizza place doesn’t deliver to schools? Is there only one pizza joint left in Detroit? Are things there that bad? But I digress.

Of course, kids are inquisitive and love to learn, and when they saw the poles at Niki’s Lounge, they took right to them. Libs of TikTok tweeted the following:

According to The Post Millennial, Andrew Weaver, who is a Rochester Community School trustee, posted his own recap on a blog on his Facebook page called Finding the Right Answer:


This past November Rochester Community Schools’ Hart Middle School Band Teacher took 6th-grade students on a field trip to the Detroit Symphony Orchestra.

The students were also taken to lunch at Niki’s Pizza which is attached to Niki’s Lounge. The students were moved from Niki’s Pizza due to a lack of available space to the Lounge where they tried out some pole dancing.

Niki’s is located in an area that the Detroit Police Department monitors as part of it’s “Project Green Light Detroit.” This program is a partnership between local businesses and DPD to install real-time cameras that are connected to police headquarters.

“This project is the first public-private- community partnership of its kind, blending a mix of real-time crime-fighting and community policing aimed at improving neighborhood safety, promoting the revitalization and growth of local businesses, and strengthening DPD’s efforts to deter, identify, and solve crime.”

So in addition to being in a nightclub, the kids were in an area of Detroit that is monitored by the cops. Wonderful! Well done, everyone! Is everybody buckled in? Are we all ready to go to Hell, now?

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Of course, there were those in support of the idea, and one person on Twitter said that the kids were not on stripper poles. The manager of the lounge went so far as to call the poles “decorations.” Okay fine, decorations, then. But go back and look at the photos on Weaver’s Facebook post. Niki’s Lounge may not specifically be a strip club, but it sure as hell isn’t the local Elks Lodge, either. One commenter on the FB post said that they didn’t know what was worse: that the school put the kids in the nightclub or that some parents didn’t see a problem with it. Did you see where Libs of TikTok said the school district was not going to address the issue? Hmm, does someone have an outstanding bar tab, maybe? Just askin’.


You might be tempted to think that someone’s Educator of the Year award just blew up. Either that or the mastermind that came up with this idea is destined for a storied career in the NEA.



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