The $1.7 Trillion Omnibus Bill is being FLOWN to St. Croix for Biden’s Signature

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Well, if this doesn’t take the cake. I mean the whole platter of angel food. No, make it the whole darn bakery. As if this administration and the Democrats have not shown enough insufferable hubris, incredible hypocrisy, unparalleled arrogance, and a monumental entitlement mentality, this would certainly qualify.


Multiple news outlets are reporting that after the House passed the $1.7 trillion omnibus pork sandwich last Friday, said bill is being flown, yes FLOWN, to St. Croix for Biden’s signature. Biden is reportedly ringing in the new year at the home of a wealthy donor there. He must sign the bill by Dec. 30. And since he is sunning his bum in the Virgin Islands, the White House is flying it down to him on the taxpayer’s nickel. And I’m pretty sure they didn’t put it in a FedEx overnight envelope or drop it off at the UPS store. Does this sound like a headline from The Onion or The Babylon Bee? Most Biden news stories do, but this time, it is an unfortunate, stomach-turning fact. Feast your eyes, sir or madam, on this tweet from Fox News White House Correspondent Edward Lawrence:

Mind-blowing. If you are disgusted, you aren’t the only one. Dan Crenshaw tweeted this:


Crenshaw has a valid point. The bill contains plenty of handouts for various environmental efforts, but it has to be flown down, undoubtedly in a government aircraft or a private one. One that emits carbon. You can bet whoever is bringing it to him is not crammed into a seat on JetBlue. I guess no one can get a flight on Southwest.

All so the president can sign the cursed thing while someone reminds him how to spell “Biden.”

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Tweets similar in sentiment to Crenshaw’s were popping up everywhere, but perhaps this one from Noam Blum sums it up best:

Although this one is a close second:

The Post Millennial cited the S&B Global report that the omnibus bill allocates $3.46 billion to the Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency to develop clean vehicle technologies, clean hydrogen production, and renewable energy grid integration. “Renewable energy grid integration” sounds suspiciously like a code phrase for “free money for us to blow on pretty much anything.” Then there is $65 million designated for the “Clean Cities alternative fuels deployment program.” That program converts municipal power grids to biofuels. And yet, this wunderbill is being flown to the president on a jet that will belch carbon all the way to the Caribbean and back.


Just when you think this administration could not get any more tone-deaf, thoughtless, or callous, someone in the West Wing comes up with this idea. As if the whole thing could not have been expedited to meet Biden’s vacation schedule. This one may be a record-setter for 2022. Thank God the year is almost over.


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