SHOCKER: The Trump Campaign Turned Down the Ashley Biden Diary

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With the news that the FBI told agents to ignore the issue of Hunter Biden’s laptop prior to the 2020 presidential race, the suppression of the laptop story on social media, and the release of the redacted search warrant affidavit on Mar-A-Lago, there is another story involving Trump that is hanging out quietly below the fold.


Just the News has the story of Aimee Harris and Robert Kurlander, who entered guilty pleas to stealing Ashley Biden’s diary and selling it to James O’Keefe and Project Veritas. Before they did that, Harris and Kurlander decided to try for a big payday and attempted to sell the diary to a party that they thought would be very interested in it and certainly had the cash on hand to meet a hefty price tag: namely, the Trump campaign. But the plan hit a snag. Not only did the Trump camp reject the offer, but they also recommended that Harris and Kurlander turn it and other stolen items over to the FBI. Yes, that FBI. The same one mentioned above.

In a nutshell: According to the court documents, Harris found Biden’s property at the home of a mutual friend in Florida where Harris was staying. She asked Kurlander to help her fence it. In September of 2020, Harris and Kurlander were at a Trump fundraiser in Florida to try and sell the diary. However, as the document states:

On or about September 10, 2020, a representative of Candidate-2’s political campaign conveyed to AIMEE HARRIS and ROBERT KURLANDER, the defendants, that the campaign was not interested in purchasing the property and advised HARRIS and KURLANDER to provide the items to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (“FBI”). KURLANDER texted HARRIS, “[Candidate-2] campaign can’t use it. They want it to go to the FBI. There is NO WAY [Candidate-2] can use this. It has to be done a different way…


The diary was among several items that the pair had stolen from Ashley Biden, including a digital camera and photo cards, tax documents, clothing, and luggage. Ultimately, they sold the diary to Project Veritas.

They didn’t exactly make that much money, but they made some. But not from the Trump campaign. Nope, Team Orange Man told Harris and Kurlander “no sale” and said they should take the diary to the FBI.

Let us not labor under the idea that Harris and Kurlander were closet patriots engaged in noble espionage to save the country. They are thieves who were expecting to be well-paid. At one point, they were hoping to walk away with around $100,000, and as far back as August 2020, Kurlander told Harris that he would help her make “a S*** TON of money” from selling Biden’s belongings.

But suppose the situation was reversed and it was the diary of one of Trump’s children? Would the Biden campaign have turned down the offer? Would the contents of the diary have been made public and splashed across the websites and newscasts? Would Harris and Kurlander have been prosecuted beyond a slap on the wrist, if at all? Would the talking heads on the cable channels still be languishing in the afterglow and savoring a cigarette? Would there be cries for an investigation and yet another microscopic examination of the Trump campaign and the Trump family?


I think we know the answers to those questions, and while the MSM and the powers that be would prefer that this part of the sordid story remains hidden, I would not be surprised if someone on the Left demands an investigation into how much the Trump camp knew and why it did not contact the FBI on its own. After all, the Left has a crime, just not the criminals it wanted.



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