Joe Biden Hearts Australia, Rubber Bullets and All

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Forget England. Forget France, which incidentally has been an ally of this country even before it was a country. According to Joe “25A” Biden, Australia is now America’s new BFF. On the heels of Biden’s address to the UN General Assembly, the president met with Prime Minister Scott Morrison and declared: “The United States has no closer or more reliable ally than Australia — our nations have been together for a long time….The United States and Australia are working in lockstep on the challenges that I laid out today in my speech to the United Nations: ending COVID, addressing the climate crisis, defending democracy and shaping the rules of the road for the 21st century. Because I mean what I said: we are at an inflection point. Things are changing. We can grasp the change and deal with it or be left behind, all of us.”


Never mind the fact that the U.S. and England have stood shoulder-to-shoulder against totalitarianism for not one but two world wars. And let us leave out the fact that France and the United States have been allies since–oh, I don’t know–forever? And I guess to hell with Canada, although under Trudeau, Canada is becoming more and more like the 21st century incarnation of The Gulag Archipelago. But while the snub was probably the result of the astounding lack of self-awareness on the part of the Biden administration, it was not lost on the more savvy members of the Canadian press. Of note, Biden addressed the prime minister by his first name; the week prior, he referred to him as “that fella Down Under.” Apparently, when the Democrats said that the grownups were in charge they were referring to Grandpa Simpson.

The statement may have been an effort to add a folksy tone to the AUKUS alliance. While that agreement left the French out in the cold, even German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas found the pact “unsettling.” However, the French ambassador is returning to the U.S. after Biden and Emmanuel Macron met to smooth things over. Apparently, the pair were able to agree that perhaps they should have talked things out first. But that would hardly have been in keeping with Biden’s “ready, fire aim” approach to pretty much everything he does. And given Biden’s public speaking and interpersonal skills, Macron may not have even known what in the hell the president was talking about and decided it was just a good time to break for lunch. And on a quasi-related note, England is a part of the AUKUS deal, but to call Australia our “closest ally”? It may be a protocol issue, but our closest ally?


Biden’s chummy attitude toward to the Aussies might be seen as a meeting of kindred spirits. After all, Australia seems to be achieving some of the goals progressives have only entertained in their most feverish, sweat-soaked, sheet-twisting dreams. Gun control being chief among them. And of course, as PJ Media’s Kevin Downey Jr. and Stacey Lennox have reported, parts of Australia have taken what could charitably be described as draconian approaches to dealing with COVID-19.  Most recently, on Wednesday police fired rubber bullets at COVID protesters in Melbourne. When protesters reportedly threw rocks at police, they called a halt to the demonstration. Those who did not disperse immediately were met with tear gas and the aforementioned rubber bullets, even as some appeared to flee the scene.

For those of you saying that the remaining protesters had it coming, it may be argued that throwing projectiles is counter-productive. But I will hazard a guess that you had no problem at all with police looking the other way in the U.S. when rioters rampaged through the city streets across the nation. Apparently, a riot is a protest if it fits a fashionable narrative. But you didn’t need me to tell you that. You should be well-schooled in the intricacies of doublespeak by now.

And the Australian people have undoubtedly had enough of the pressure exerted by their leaders to shut almost everything down under the auspices of public health. From shooting rescue dogs to being told not to speak to one another in public to the reprehensible deaths of four newborns denied heart surgery due to pandemic restrictions, Aussies may be starting  to smell more than one rat. And here in the U.S…well ,you should be well-acquainted with the double standards by now. If not, that has to be one impressive rock you are living under. Small wonder the Biden administration senses a degree of kinship with a like-minded government. He probably had someone taking notes.


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