Women's Prison Dealing With 'Wave of Pregnancies' in Wake of California's 'Compassionate' Trans Law

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I  used to work in a cube farm and every morning I would join the throng of depressed commuters inching their way down the long gray ribbon of death to the office. I was in the habit of stopping off for a Coke on my way to work. Yes, I know all about the dangers of colas, but I like an early morning dose of cold caffeine to jolt me into starting my day. There was a convenience store near the on-ramp where I used to stop for my daily fix. One day, there was a new face in the revolving cadre of clerks. It was a young woman who was wearing two buttons. One said, “Ask me about my pronouns.” The other read, “He/His” Obviously, she identified as a man and wanted to make sure that I knew that.


Aside from wondering why anyone would want to become a white man in 21st-century America, I also wondered why this person thought I needed to know that. I was there to give her $2.04 for a bottle of a delicious caffeinated beverage, not help her sort out her personal issues. If she had decided that she was a man, that was her business, not mine. The entire span of our relationship was about three minutes and even if it had been longer, I had a mortgage, bills, and a job for which I was running late. A person’s pronouns and gender are their own business and, quite frankly, I don’t have time to worry about it.

I have no doubt that she was very earnest and sincere and I wish her the best of luck in whatever she does and whatever gender/species/element she finally decides she is. But it illustrates something about the Left. When leftists aren’t nosing into your life, they are trying to make you live their lives—something they’ve accused the right of doing for years.

One thing I learned about leftists, having apprenticed in the craft from a very young age, is that the key to a positive progressive self-image is to force someone else to live with the results of the decisions you make. Never mind that the effect those decisions may have on that person’s life. By compelling someone else, often with less power and money, to do something the leftists want, they can comfort themselves in the fact that they took the high road and made a positive difference in the world, even if it is by proxy.


For example, there is a report from the  Women’s Liberation Front or WoLF, of a woman incarcerated in the Central California Women’s Facility who is pregnant. This, of course, would be the result of state laws that let biological male inmates transfer to women’s prisons, provided these men identify as transgender. The law, SB132, took effect in January. Since then, 261 men have asked to be moved to the women’s facilities. WoLF said in a tweet: “Conditions are described as ‘a nightmare’s worst nightmare’ by women incarcerated in California after the passage of @Scott_Wiener’s SB 132. Now, the system is bracing for a wave of pregnancies and increased violence in the facilities. #StopSB132.”

Also noteworthy is the fact from WoLF that the prison administration is passing out condoms to people who say they are women. And, apparently, there is a class transferring prisoners must take teaching them how to handle questions about their new-found gender and how to deal with living with cis-gendered people. Nothing, it seems, about how to behave themselves.


The bill passed last December, although 77% of the voters in the state were not on board with the idea that men should be permitted in women-only spaces. The bill allows men to transfer to women’s prisons no matter the nature of their crime, including crimes against women. For those of you getting ready to yell “Transphobe!” let me repeat that so you can hear it up there on your high horse: including crimes against women. I would think that transgendered people would find this situation as repugnant as anyone else. I  would be appalled if such a thing was being done by my state legislature allegedly on my behalf.

This is an instance of a group of people with a case of the Feels who decided to make someone else do the heavy lifting to fulfill their desire to get all warm and fuzzy. They struck a blow for equality at someone else’s expense. And why should they make any sacrifices since there are entire prisons full of women they can use?

Moves like these may be why California voters seem to be warming to the idea of a recall of Gavin Newsom. After all, it is one thing when your politics affect “those people.” It is another thing entirely when they affect you. Californians may be slowly coming to understand the wisdom of Pogo’s statement: “We have met the enemy and he is us.”






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