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The Left Wants Supermen to Rule, But They Aren't Even Giants

One of the disturbing lines of reasoning the left inevitably seems to trundle down is “the superior being.”

This is, of necessity, baked into the idea that people are despicable, and therefore they need the government to stop them from the truly horrible. Since we know – even the left – the government is made up of people, it therefore must follow that those people who make up the government are really, really important and special, enlightened beings with super-human capabilities.

You see it again and again.

Recently in one of my quests to read back in the history of SF/F, I came across "The Green Man of Graypec" by Festus Pragnell.  This was a rip-roaring and not unenjoyable adventure, though the scientific premise is, to say the least, outdated. However, in the middle of it, apropos nothing, there were a few lights of left-virtue-signaling, which for all I know might already have been needed to get through most of the traditional publishing establishment in 1935.

What I found fascinating was that this was before socialism and progressivism had stripped themselves of their eugenics load, and therefore in the middle of the book we are told that if only these civilizations had listened to H. G. Wells (spelled some weird way, since this was supposed to be another world, after all) and implemented hygienic breeding and making sure only the best bred, they wouldn’t be in this trouble.

Now and after the debacle of National Socialism’s eugenics program, the Socialists go a long way to deny any tie to eugenics. Of course, they replace it with tribalism, which is another form of eugenics.

At any rate, their denial of a belief in a superior man is a fig leaf. It’s still there, behind their concept of the perfect society, behind their belief behind how socialism would work out if only it were practiced by the “right people” and behind the doltish hero-worship they fall into when one of their own is president.  This, of course, also leads them into ridiculous dynastic-type thought.  After all, Hillary Clinton was worthy of the presidency simply because she had lived with that demi-god, Bill Clinton. And who among us hasn't heard them speak of in hushed tones – or included as a throwaway line in movies – such unlikely presidencies as Michelle Obama, the Obama daughters, or even Chelsea Clinton. There is no logical reason to posit that type of dynasty – the right at least has the decency to be somewhat embarrassed at the party organization’s dynastic ideas, which is why Jeb! was a non-starter – unless, of course, you believe in superior human beings and superior bloodlines.

It is clear that Hillary does. There are people who are supposed to “rule” and plan things for a society and it is essential that people surrender all their trust to them.