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New Filter Claims to Remove Hangover-Inducing Ingredients From Wine

Jetsons fans still don't have our flying cars, but if this is true, we can probably get over it.

While every choice comes with a consequence, the future could get a whole lot more peachy for oenophiliacs everywhere. Vino startup PureWine claims their latest purifying gadget will make it easier than ever to strip wine of headache-inducing compounds before it ever hits your lips.

“We basically are a Brita filter for wine,” company CEO David Meadows told The Dallas Morning News. Meadows, who received a PhD in chemical engineering from the University of Michigan, founded PureWine three years ago with his son Derek in hopes of discovering a way to consume wine without fear of a hangover.

According to the company website, after much experimentation, the father-son duo discovered an effective way to removing sulfites and histamines from vino, and The Wand was born. In September, a one-bottle-use spout that fits wine bottles like a cork and filters vino as its poured is set to hit shelves, according to Meadows.

"The Wand"-it even sounds magical.

Forget curing the common cold -- they don't even pretend that's ever going to be possible in science fiction novels. One would think, however, that we would have made more progress on the hangover front almost two decades into the 21st century.

At least we know that people are trying. For example, the founder of the Sam Adams brewery claims to have worked out a way to use yeast to avoid getting drunk and/or hungover. His method requires preparation and effort though, and that just kind of takes the fun out of beer drinking.