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What if We Have Been Invaded by Aliens?

There is a joke about world-building in science fiction. Many writers simply don’t know how to introduce their past history, and therefore have ridiculous lines of dialogue like “As you know, Bob, we were invaded by aliens in 1945.”

My question is – how do we know we haven’t been?

No, I’m serious, look around you.

Those of us who read history can see this perhaps more clearly than others. When a culture is invaded and occupied, the first thing the occupiers do is take over the education of children (sometimes by force), the means of disseminating news (there is a reason we joke about invaders taking radio and TV stations first), the cultural life of the country including entertainment.

All of these mechanisms are turned to giving the children of the occupied land the idea that their occupiers are in fact redeemers, and that the old culture was not only weaker but objectively worse than that of the occupiers.

Because humans are essentially great apes (with an overgrown brain and more neuroses) we’re not made JUST of genes, but also of the environment we grow up in. It is, therefore, possible for invaders to take over the genetic product of another culture and turn them essentially into the invaders.

This has been done with greater and lesser success throughout history. Some cultures, like the Christian cultures in Africa invaded by Muslims, were obliterated; the cultures in India invaded by… well, everybody, tended to take what they were handed and meld it into their crazy quilt; and Greece and others managed to infect their invaders with their culture.

However, most of the time this takeover succeeds and the extent to which it succeeds relies on the seizing not just of government but the cultural portals: education, entertainment, intellectual culture (which includes news and opinion and other non-fiction analysis of the culture and its problems.)

Look around you – if we in the West and we humans, in general, had been invaded by aliens, what would be different?

  • Our schools in America teach that the system under which America lives, from constitutional protections to (relatively...very relatively) free markets are evil and the cause of all evils in the world.
  • Our schools further teach that all the problems in the world at large are the fault of “Imperialists” to include not just America, but the West which is America’s mother culture. They ignore the sins of other nations, many of which, still today, commit female mutilation and slavery, to concentrate ONLY on the West and the sins of the West, thereby obviating any possible pride the students might have in their own culture.
  • Further, the schools, under the guise of environmentalism, promote the view that humanity is the worst plague on the planet. Without pointing out that any species can drive others to extinction, or that humans are the only species capable of self-regulating their impact on the environment, they concentrate on those extinctions humans have caused and fantasize that without humans the world would be a paradise.
  • Without pointing out the difficulty of global censuses or that in fact we don’t and can’t know how large the world population is, our learning institutions, our cultural institutions, even our entertainment continually scare us with the idea of overpopulation. Without taking into account that there are more trees now in North America than when the colonists arrived, they picture humanity as creating deserts. Schools push middle schoolers to sign agreements never to reproduce.
  • As if this weren't enough, feminists picture women – in Western, well off, more or less equalitarian (at least before the law as it existed before feminist tampering made it take sides with women most of the time) systems – as perpetual victims, stoke a sense of outrage and anger at any and all males, and encourage women to consider normal intercourse “rape” and marriage a prison.
  • As if this weren’t enough, the insanity has descended to preaching that there is no such thing as biological sex, and that one’s gender is a sort of “mood” which can be determined before a child is even fully developed. Parents giving hormones to children, to change their sex before the age of reason (let alone physical or emotional maturity) and effectively encouraging castration/neutering and precluding future generations aren’t considered deranged abusers. In fact, educational and medical establishments will encourage parents to thus destroy their progeny and will take the children away if the parents don’t do it, on the flimsiest of pretexts based on stereotypes, such as a boy who disdains male toys, or a girl who doesn’t like dolls.  The rich panoply of human expression is ignored in a – dare we say it – alien attempt to make individual people fit stereotypes.
  • Three generations into this, our leading lights in intellectual life, be it fiction, non-fiction, academia or even research, get plaudits and advancement ONLY from conclusions and policies that objectively hurt humans and prevent humans from reproducing. A subset of this is hate of the West, the most successful culture in the world, ever, in terms of extending life, preventing early death, preventing or curing disease and preventing and curing famine. Another and even more vociferous subset is the hatred of America, which took all of Western virtues and made them more so.