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My Trip to a Marijuana Dispensary, the Happiest Place in Boulder

One of my longtime friends and writing partners is staying with me this summer while we both work on various writing projects. Terry is from Florida and is fascinated with Colorado's legal marijuana, so we determined to visit a marijuana dispensary. So here's the story of Charlie and Terry's Excellent Adventure.

The first thing to do is to actually find a dispensary. Contrary to what you might imagine, many towns in Colorado have no dispensaries at all. Boulder, however, is not one of them. Even in Boulder, though, there's not a dispensary on every street corner. (But Lyons, a few miles up US 36, is a counter-example -- we drove through Lyons on the way up to Estes Park and there was one on every corner. But Lyons is where all the Boulder hippies moved to get away from the startup companies.)

A little investigation revealed The Farm, which has been voted the best dispensary in Colorado three years in a row. It's a building that I think I dimly recall was a restaurant, back when I was a Boulder undergraduate and marijuana was something you got through a friend who happened to know someone who had some really outrageous weed, you've got to try it.... In any case, it's a building on Iris Street in the new commercial part of North Boulder. That chunk of Iris is a little cul de sac. It's a nice, clean building, quiet, and has a freshly paved well-marked parking lot and an attractively professional sign out front. It could be a little boutique or some other retail store -- and I guess it really is, when you think about it.

The Farm, a cute little boutique that sells cannabis. (Photo: Terry R. Lacy)

While we were there, we saw a fair number of people going in and out of the door, and, perhaps surprisingly, they were all roughly Terry's and my ages -- which is to say, not old enough for walkers, but old enough to have noticed how short our arms have grown when reading small print. I don't know -- maybe the younger crowd doesn't arrive during the day or something, but from what we saw, legal marijuana is a drug for established-looking adults.

Well, except for us: I was wearing a brightly colored tie-dye "Magical Misery Tour" tee shirt from the 2012 presidential campaign.

The Farm, and traditional Boulder dress from my youth. (Photo: Terry R. Lacy)

Marijuana sales are a little more regulated than, say, clothes for toddlers, and you learn that instantly when you walk in the door: there is a counter at the door with at least two people at the counter, checking IDs. Young, attractive people. Happy, young, attractive people.