10 Tips to Prevent Kidnapping

Between 2002 and 2013 three young women (Amanda Berry, Michelle Knight, and Gina DeJesus) were kidnapped and held in captivity in the home of Ariel Castro in Cleveland, Ohio. Their horrible ordeal has already been detailed in books and interviews on TV. All three women were kidnapped when they got into Castro's car and accepted a ride home. Sadly, this kind of crime is repeated over and over again throughout the United States on a regular basis.

Some people willingly accept rides, others are forced into a car, others are drugged and carried away only to wake up as a captive. This article is primarily written for adult women and teen girls so that they can avoid what happened to the three young women in Cleveland. I will write a separate article in the future on how to prevent babies and small children from being kidnapped. (I will also later this month prepare separate articles on preventing carjacking and also how to fight from inside a car.)

1. Don't ride with strangers.

Be careful about the people you know, as well. Gina DeJesus knew Ariel Castro. She was a friend to his daughter. When he offered her a ride home, she took it thinking that he was taking her to see his daughter. Ride only with your friends or relatives you trust with your life. Getting in a car with a stranger or a casual acquaintance may cost you your life.

Do not hitchhike — ever. Even if you think that it's "a nice lady" who is offering you a ride, don't take it. Evil people often travel in groups and the harmless looking "nice lady" could be working with others who are quite harmful.