5 Tips to Get Your Body in Shape for Self-Defense

This is the time of the year when gobs of people go to the gym to work off those pounds gained through the holidays. Spending time on the treadmill is fine, but if you are going to survive a violent encounter, you must have a plan to get your body physically conditioned so that you can defend yourself. Being weak, out of breath, inflexible, and slow are dangerous. If you are serious about defending yourself, you must get in better shape. Here are some tips on what to do.

1. If you can do something—anything—start today.

Don't put it off for a "better time." Determine now, today, that you will begin to condition yourself so that you will be stronger, faster, and more durable. No, you don't have to be an Olympian -- I am not. I am almost 54 years old, and I have survived a few heart surgeries. But I have a plan, and I follow it. Every day.

2. If all you can do is train three times a week, great!

You are ahead of most people. If all you can do is 30 minutes each time you work out, very good. An exercise program like Beachbody's "Focus T25" is only 25 minutes a day, and it is very effective—I know because I've done it, and it kicks my behind! Do what you can do, but don't stop there. Don't get satisfied. Push yourself to do more each time. I am now able to train one hour each day.