The 6 Best Body Weapons to Defeat an Attacker

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A six foot two, two hundred pound man is aggressively coming straight at you. You cannot get away, and it looks like you only have seconds before he slams you into the ground or crushes the side of your head with a right hook. You are not armed. Quick, what weapons do you naturally have to fight back? Forget fancy moves from martial arts movies; here is a fast list of the six most effective weapons you always have available:

1.  Palm Heel Strike

The base of the hand is rammed hard and fast into the jaw or nose.  This is better than a punch in many cases; if you punch the wrong way you can easily break many small bones in your hand. It is very difficult to injure yourself with a palm heel strike. This blow to the nose or jaw is devastating to the attacker.  Such a strike can whip the opponent's head back, cause trauma to both the face and neck, and possibly bring about a concussion.

Here is a demonstration of the palm heel strike: