What to Buy the RPG Gamer in Your Life

Christmas Time is here, by Golly / Disapproval would be folly… sorry. Classical reference.  Anyway, you want to shop for the gamer in your life.  Whether they play tabletop roleplaying games (RPGs) or computer RPGs, they’re sometimes difficult to shop for, huh?  Well, not really. Hey, perhaps you just don’t know where to shop.  Well, we can help: we’re also assuming, of course, that you’ve already tried simply asking, only you didn’t get an answer that you could work with. It happens: sometimes people don’t articulate their needs well. So…

First off? Gift cards.  Gift cards, gift cards, gift cards.  I hereby give you permission and absolution: a gift card is a thoughtful gift for a gamer.  Seriously, print out this paragraph and include it in the present.  That way, if anybody complains you can safely blame me.

You’re probably thinking I mean things like Amazon.com cards, and I do.  But there’s more to life than Amazon. Steam sells Steam Gift Cards. EA sells EA Game Cards. World of Warcraft sells Battlenet Gift Cards. Most video game companies and tabletop game companies will have the equivalent of gift certificates, and certainly DriveThru RPG (the go-to place for tabletop RPGs in e-form) does. Basically, if you’re buying a gift for a gamer in your life, find out his favorite publisher (he will have one), and get a gift certificate from them. He’ll find a way to use it.  One caveat: many console gamers will often prefer actual games, although additional contributions to annual membership fees won’t be turned down. Again, ask ahead of time.

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