PJ Media's Tech Gift Guide

Here's our 2016 gift guide for the tech-lovers in your life:

1. Amazon Echo


The Amazon Echo is one of those products you never knew you needed until you used it. It’s a speaker and personal assistant rolled into in one. Ask “Alexa” to play music by your favorite artist or tune in to a radio station and it happens in seconds. Ask for the latest news, weather, and directions, or to time an event. You can create shopping lists, set appointments, and do an increasing number of things as Amazon keeps adding new functions. The original larger version has a built-in speaker, while the new Echo Dot works with your own Bluetooth speaker. $180 and $50, respectively.

2. Mavic Pro Drone


Personal drones are all the rage this holiday season. They let you take movies and photos from wherever they fly. They’re controlled using a smartphone or separate controller, and their onboard GPS and WiFi allow them to follow you or fly over a preset course. They’re powered by rechargeable batteries that provide about 20 minutes of flight time. This year’s best model is the Mavic from DJI, a Chinese company that’s the world’s largest and most successful drone manufacturer. The new Mavic is one of the most advanced, taking 4K movies, but also folds up to fit into a small case. $1000.

3. Sony DSC-RX10 III


This amazingly versatile camera is everything a cellphone camera is not. This all in one has a very sharp 24-600mm zoom lens, an advanced Sony-made 1-inch sensor, and a tilting screen and high-resolution OLED electronic viewfinder. It’s able to capture images and movies that no other camera is capable of because of its wide zoom range and stellar performance under very dim lighting. While not small, it’s more compact and weighs less than an equivalent DSLR and lens, making it ideal for vacations and family events. The RX10III provides one of the best combinations of image quality, ease of use, and versatility over a wide range of shooting conditions. $1600.

Next up: Smartphones and wearable technology