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Home, Sweet Home -- but Where?

Over at a site called Old Pics Archive, you can find photos of everything from vintage war pictures to colorized pix of the Titanic, to my personal favorite, snaps of Jane Birkin, forever indelibly emblazoned in the erotic memories of every teenage boy in the late 1960s from her work in Blow-Up.

But this section, 13 Great Cities Then and Now, is fascinating. Can you guess the city simply from the "before" snapshot? Try your luck:


Okay, that's a bit of a cheat -- the top picture is of the Park LaBrea complex going up, while the bottom shows downtown and the Staples Center today, but that's dear Los Angeles, roads crumbling in the Peoples' Republic of California, but somehow still evolving.

Here's another:


Your petrodollars at work: that's Dubai. Looks horrible.

One more after that jump -- if you can get this one, you're a citizen of the world: