Dennis Prager's Inspiring 10 Commandments Project Sets a New Media Standard

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Everyone make a point to take in Dennis Prager's extraordinary 10 Commandments videos and essays, now available in print and in DVD.

Released last year from the non-profit Prager University, the 11 videos and the full text are available online, however the presentation that Regnery has put together in the small, comfortable book makes all the difference.

If you haven't seen the series yet online then I suggest checking them all out here. Imagine the good they could do in some of your friend's or family member's life by just dropping an order in the mail...



These videos do such an extraordinary job of introducing complex concepts and clearing up common moral misinterpretations.



I hope that Prager and others take this approach -- the substantive "list post" grown to a series of multiple videos and then in a long, published pamphlet, both a basic version and one aimed more at  youth -- and continue to do more in this style.