10 Most Politically Incorrect Moments this TV Season -- Part One

Hollywood has a narrative, and usually it isn’t too subtle.  Religious people are perverts (and not just the priests), Republicans are oppressive, civil rights crusaders are saints, every variety of sexuality that doesn’t start with the prefix hetero needs protection from an ignorant world, etc.  If a white businessman shows up on Law and Order, stop wondering who the bad guy is.

While the television shows in the following list don’t generally pound that narrative to begin with, the following moments were still breathtakingly—and refreshingly—a direct slap at the Hollywood "same old same old."

10. Nashville -- Woman Stops Abortion Because of Ultrasound Law

Season 3, Episode 4

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On country music’s high-class version of a telenova (with better music), one of the main stars finds herself pregnant, and not sure who the father is.

Juliette (Hayden Panettiere) goes to get an abortion, but is told by the tech that state law requires her to be shown an ultrasound.

Sure, the stated reason the star decides to keep the baby is that the determined fetal age proves the baby’s father is the preferred choice of the mother, but this character is the last person one would look to for moral or philosophical guidance anyway.

And while an ultrasound does not compare to the image of an in utero baby grabbing the thumb of a surgeon (used in both The Good Wife and House), there is always power in the image of a living baby in the womb.

Viewers are invited to breathe a sigh of relief that the abortion does not happen, and in the end, a beautiful baby girl is born because of a law that pro-abortion forces have lobbied against in all 50 state legislatures.

9. Nashville—Stalked Woman Defends Herself with Unregistered Pistol

Season 3, Episode 17

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An up-and-coming female singer/songwriter, Sadie Stone (Laura Benanti), who has just been signed by the show’s main protagonist, Rayna James (the great Connie Britton), is being threatened by an ex-husband.  The cad has managed to enforce a “contract” written on a napkin that gives him a percentage of the woman’s earnings for life.

But that’s not enough, or the real point.  This abuser is really about not letting his ex out from under his thumb in any way.

Sadie buys a gun and is told the rules by the gun store operator (who is not the sleazy gun nut you see in so many Hollywood productions).  However, Sadie cannot wait for her paperwork to protect herself, as the protective order she obtained is not really keeping him away.

When she is ambushed in a parking garage, the gun does its job.  Every character in the show is sympathetic, and she walks away with a minor legal slap on the wrist.  No speeches, just a good example of the 2nd Amendment in action.