These Breathtaking 3-D Liquid Floors Transport You to Exotic Locations Without Leaving Home

A company in Dubai has created an innovative type of flooring that they say "fundamentally changes" the way we will think about what's beneath our feet. The eye-catching floors, created by Imperial Interiors, are composed of a self-leveling screed which is covered by the 3-D image, followed by a transparent polymer and then finished with a protective lacquer.

Though they were originally used in large spaces like hotels and office buildings, the company says they are ideal for any room size, and in fact, can visually enlarge small spaces.

Here are some examples from the company's Facebook page and from Talenthouse:










Imagine walking into a room in your home and feeling like you've crossed the threshold into some exotic locale -- like you're taking a homecation every time you use the bathroom. (Considering all the time you spend in there, it might not be a bad investment!)

But I'm not so sure about this next one. There's no way I'd want these guys peering up at me every time I'm having my "quiet time" (as we euphemistically refer to it at our house). It's just a bridge too far for me.



Same with this one:



It's a shame we have to go all the way to Dubai for these. Hopefully we'll see them in the U.S. soon.