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The Wasted Women of Star Trek, Part 2: Deanna Troi

Troi Header

See The Wasted Women of Star Trek, Part 1: Tasha Yar

Oh, Deanna... where to start?

Deanna Troi is often thought of as a relic of the feel-good, new-agey late 1980s. Although the necessity for psychological treatment is imperative to military personnel who suffer from trauma, Troi's role was more or less a shoulder to cry on when she wasn't stating the obvious. Or being forcibly impregnated. Or raped, mentally or physically. Pretty much every crappy thing you could do to a female character, Troi had it happen to her, besides being killed outright.

While also being "fanservice." Wikipedia:

Fan service (ファンサービス fan sābisu), fanservice, or service cut (サービスカット sābisu katto), is a term originating from anime and manga fandom for material in a series which is intentionally added to please the audience. It is about "servicing" the fan - giving the fans "exactly what they want". Fan service usually refers to "gratuitous titillation", but can also refer to intertextual references to other series.

Dead Troi

No, wait, they killed her in the alternate future of “All Good Things...”. Crap.