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10 Awful, Terrible, Frightening Things That Are Going to Kill Us All (But Somehow Never Do)

10. Water Fluoridation

Back in the 1950s water fluoridation was, for some, a big thing. A very big thing.  We had the threat of communism. We had the threat of “The Bomb.” And then, according to some, we had the related threat of fluoridation.

It is not our purpose here to cover all the arguments pro and con that put this, or any of the other 10 "awful, terrible, frightening things that are going to kill us all," on our list. But to point out that none of them yet has. There has to be a lesson (or maybe a few) in this.

One is that there are many things on this earth that are dangerous. As movie gangsters used to say, “No one gets out’a here alive!”

There are many things that are poisonous to us if we are exposed to them in large quantities. But, interestingly, some of those very same things prove beneficial when we are exposed to them in smaller amounts.

For example, swallow a whole bottle of aspirin and it will make you sick, or may even kill you. But taking a prescribed dose of two tablets after, say, a protracted discussion about the dangers of water fluoridation and the secret cabal supposedly behind it can do wonders.

(Okay, so where did I put that aspirin bottle?)