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The Happiest Place on Earth... Sort of... Part 1

I just returned from a vacation to Walt Disney World with my family and I took plenty of video to highlight the new changes that are happening at the Orlando resorts that are billed as "the happiest place on Earth." I doubt I'm the only one who thinks they have been happier in the past.

By way of introduction, we waited until we were 30 minutes outside of WDW (or "Disney" as most people I know call it) to tell our daughters (ages 8 and 4) where we were going. They were in the back of our van on a 20 hour trip without knowing where we were headed because we wanted to give them the magical experience of thinking they were headed to a dreary, dusty-sounding place called "Rattlesnake Ranch" and then be delighted to discover they were in that "happiest place on Earth" instead. That surprise was truly fun.

But imagine after finding out you're headed to "Disney" that the minute you get there you are turned away like the Griswold family at the fictional Wally World in the old National Lampoon's Vacation movie with Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo. Seriously. This began my first experience with the Not-So-MagicBands you may have heard about.