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15 Writing Tips From a Pro So You Can Start and Finish Your Book With Success


Editor's Note: This extraordinary series of writing advice articles was published on Saturdays last Spring, from February 28 through June 15, 2013. I'm hoping that Sarah's thoughtful, encouraging writing can inspire other writers as it has me. (Check out her newest book Witchfinder here, her first indie novel, and read about how she wrote it with her blog here. Sarah's on the cutting edge, carving new territory in the world of sci-fi/fantasy publishing. There's so much other writers can learn from her.) With the recent launch of the new fiction platform Liberty Island now's a better time than ever to give that novel a shot. Please check out this interview Sarah conducted with CEO Adam Bellow here to learn more: “It also has a unique mission: to serve as the platform and gathering-place for the new right-of-center counterculture.” - Dave Swindle

Tip 1: The Thirteen Weeks Novel Writing Program

How to apply the Charlie Martin Method to your first book.

Tip 2: Three Questions To Ask Before You Write Your Novel

Is your book big enough to choke a goat?

Tip 3: First You Catch Your Idea

Hunting ideas out in the wild.

Tip 4: The Plot Wars

By all means take up arms in the fight between "plotters" and "fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants-ers." Just remember to take up a pen too.

Tip 5: How to Find the Time for Writing

5 time management rules for writers.

Tip 6: How to Escape the Blackhole of Endless Research

With these tips you can avoid dying buried In books and focus on writing.

Tip 7: How to Develop a Dynamite Writing Voice

In which we break open the safe to reveal the secrets of crafting exciting prose to hook your reader from the first page.

Tip 8: My Tricks for Beating Procrastination

Stop rotating the cat!

Tip 9: How To Ensure Your Novel Flies Right

Achieving Literary Liftoff.

Tip 10: How to Avoid Giving Up on Writing Your Book

Slow Dancing in the Dark.

Tip 11: How to Read Fiction and Watch Movies to Add Depth and Feeling to Your Writing

Look, Ma, No Hands!

Tip 12: What To Do When Writing Clicks Together

I Believe I Can Fly!

Tip 13: How to Build Your Writing Career

Block by Block

Tip 14: The Secret to Crafting a Conflict of Biblical Proportions...

The Duel.

Tip 15: Managing Your Deadlines

Beat the devil!