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2 Facts About the Film Industry That Should Blow Your Mind

  1. The Hollywood Economist
  2. America 3.0
  3. Hollywood Cartoons
  4. Intellectuals

In my grandparents' generation about 80% of the country took in the same form of entertainment each week. Today, given the increase in more advanced entertainment options, it's down to 10%.

Related, theĀ Wall Street Journal on our level of television watching today:

Americans watched TV for two hours and 50 minutes a day, a second-straight increase from two hours and 44 minutes in 2010.

The ability to first influence and then seize control of a culture is predicated on being the first and then the best to master a new technology. In battles both of politics and in military conflicts the victory usually goes to the side with superior firepower that both understands the weapons they have and then has the will to use them.

So what's next?

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