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7 Photos of a Siberian Husky vs. a Giant Tribble

When I agreed to sample the Sumo Gigantor, I didn't realize just what would arrive in a matter of days.

I'd hoped it might suffice as a nice, new beanbag for Maura, our Siberian Husky, and could go in the corner of my office at home.

But when the Gigantor arrived squeezed into a huge box and we emptied it out and put on the fur cover, the majesty of the product revealed itself: the whole family, all three of us, could fit on it together.

Now the Gigantor rests in the living room, having replaced the love seat in our sofa set, which has migrated to the office, kind of finally tying the room together, as The Dude would say.

The Wife has been on a huge Star Trek kick for a while now, thus we have christened the new furniture family member "the Tribble." And April now monopolizes it with Muara when she's home. It has become a cozy nest while she works on her master's thesis.

#siberianhusky #maura happy with new living room fixture.

A post shared by Thoth, Ma'at & Husky Familiar (@thothandmaatmarried) on


It took a little coaxing at first but Maura the Siberian Husky does now like to come up on the Tribble. Here we are together:

Maura and me sitting on the Tribble. #siberianhusky #maura

A post shared by Thoth, Ma'at & Husky Familiar (@thothandmaatmarried) on

I find it to be wonderful during my early mornings. I get up at 4 a.m. and it's a comfortable spot to read while I do my morning stretching and ease into the work day. (That's before surrendering once The Wife wakes a few hours later.)

I've decided that for future photos of books and other products the gigantor will provide a great backdrop:

Beginning a new morning #reading routine with #siberianhusky #maura

A post shared by Thoth, Ma'at & Husky Familiar (@thothandmaatmarried) on

We plan to get more gigantors when it comes time to expand the living room in the future. These are superior to sofas; they're much more versatile for lying, sitting, or snuggling with a Siberian Husky.

The Tribble is huge.

A post shared by Thoth, Ma'at & Husky Familiar (@thothandmaatmarried) on

Order your Gigantor here; they come in a variety of colors and covers.

The Tribble and the #siberianhusky #maura

A post shared by Thoth, Ma'at & Husky Familiar (@thothandmaatmarried) on


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