Neil Young Doubles Down on the Crazy


Last September, I wrote about rocker Neil Young's bizarre, factually challenged -- and slanderous -- criticisms of Canada's oil sands.

For instance, Young compared resource town Fort McMurray to Hiroshima. This is kind of unfair to Fort McMurray, which, while verdant and pleasant, has nowhere near as many skyscrapers and neon signs as that Japanese city.

Young made those and other foolish remarks while traveling across Canada in his $1-million Volt/Lincoln Continental hybrid.

He caught a lot of well-deserved flak at the time, which makes it all the more incredible that he was just at it again.

This time, he used a Canadian concert tour as his vehicle for his misinformation campaign.

Young's "Honor the Treaties" tour features performances by the singer-songwriter, interspersed with buzz-killing on-stage conversations with "First Nations leaders" who claim "Turtle Island" -- their name for Canada -- is stealing oil and gas from their lands.

Predictably, Young's gallivanting got millions of dollars' worth of free publicity from the country's liberal media, especially from state broadcaster CBC.

That's why new group called has launched, dedicated to setting the record straight.

[Disclosure: I know some of the people working for the organization -- Canada's "right wing conspiracy" isn't so vast.]