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Sir Thomas More on the Trial of George Zimmerman

“A modern-day lynching.” That was the NAACP about the verdict in the murder trial against George Zimmerman, the man for whom The New York Times invented a new race category, the “white Hispanic.” In a reprise of his Tawana Brawley  fiasco, The Allegedly Reverend Al Sharpton is planning protests in 100 cities. Yesterday, a rally protesting the verdict closed a major intersection in Newark, New Jersey. Meanwhile, the parents of Mr. Zimmerman have gone into hiding because of the cataract of death threats they have received.

What’s going on? George Zimmerman ought never to have been tried for the lamentable death of Trayvon Martin. The police in his town in Florida understood that. It was only when the president of the United States said that, if he had a son, he would have looked like Trayvon Martin that local authorities got with the program. Eric Holder’s amusingly named Department of Justice actually sent people to Florida to stir up sentiment against Mr. Zimmerman (isn’t that racist?). Now that the jury has spoken — NOT GUILTY — the Department of Racial Justice is pondering bringing a civil suit against George Zimmerman. As Mark Steyn observed,

In the Zimmerman trial, the state’s “theory of the case” is that it has no theory of the case: might be murder, might be manslaughter, might be aggravated assault, might be a zillion other things, but it’s something.

Fortunately for George Zimmerman, the jury decided the case on the facts. George Zimmerman acted in self-defense. He wasn’t guilty of any crime.