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Simple Gift Buying Advice For Ignorant and Neglectful Parents

In spite of getting a 13-week jump-start on Christmas with this series, my shopping just began this week. Not because of procrastination in the usual sense, there's just not enough Christmas spirit in me to shop before Thanksgiving no matter how hard I try.

So far, I've done all my best shopping online--on Black Friday. (FYI- There is no such thing as Cyber Monday sales. Stick to Black Friday online if you really want to save money.)

But I digress.

This week, I'm spending the bulk of my shopping time making my Christmas list. For a lot of parents and grandparents, this is where things go terribly wrong.

Before we get into that, did you take a minute to watch the above video? If not, go ahead--take a look.

What's wrong with this picture?