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Give Thanks for Money and All It Represents


Is money really the root of all evil? This Thanksgiving, I may argue that point with my brother-in-law. Our sparring began earlier this week on Facebook, discussing an episode of my Fightin Words podcast where I imagined a world without state-imposed hunting and fishing restrictions. In a truly free market, where government acted only to protect individual rights, our access to animals of value would be assured by market forces. After all, we’re in no danger of running out of turkeys for Thanksgiving, and government doesn’t ration those. So why do we need to ration deer and fish?

I attracted criticism from the Left for “coming out against fish and game laws,” though I would prefer to describe it as advocating for individual rights. The criticism was based on the belief that human greed unmitigated by state regulation enables the hunting of species to extinction. It’s happened before, the argument goes, and must be prevented in the future. My brother-in-law summed up the position like this:

Money kills everything.

Boy, oh boy. There may never be a more concise expression of the philosophies I work daily against. Here’s the context:

I think we would soon make everything extinct like we do everything else if not for laws... humans are extremely greedy and wasteful when it comes to hunting. Horrible shots that maim and wound, and they don't know how to butcher the animals themselves much anymore either.

Pretty obvious to me that we need regulations. Especially in the ocean...money kills everything.

It’s one of those comments which lends itself to so many possible responses, picking a place to start proves difficult.