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Hope & Change... And Disinformation & Glasnost

Hope Posters

I just finished one of the most eye-opening political books that I've read in a long time. In Disinformation, former Romanian Lt. General - and current PJ Media columnist - Ion Mihai Pacepa and cowriter Ronald Rychlak shed light on the Soviet technique of disinformation, and they demonstrate how we've seen it throughout history and even today. The authors define disinformation as "a secret intelligence tool, intended to bestow a Western, nongovernment cachet on government [i.e., Soviet] lies."  Pacepa shares plenty of examples of how Soviet, Eastern Bloc and Russian leaders from Stalin to Khrushchev to Ceausescu to Putin have employed disinformation to change public perception of the West and even alter the course of history.

In one particular chapter, Pacepa delves into the 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns to demonstrate how a senator from Illinois used the same type of disinformation techniques to catapult himself to the presidency. Pacepa admits that "the 2008 election campaign for the White House was, for me, a major case of deja vu" as he witnessed how the Democratic Party, and Barack Obama in particular, used the mainstream news media to paint redistribution of wealth as the solution to our country's problems:

In the same way, the establishment US media painted America as a decaying, racist, predatory capitalist realm unable to provide medical care for the poor, rebuild her "crumbling schools," or replace the "shuttered mills that once provided a decent life for men and women of every race," and promised all this could be changed by redistributing the country's wealth.


...the quintessence of Marxism is change, which is built on the dialectical materialist tenet that quantitative changes generate qualitative transformations. Thus, "change," through the redistribution of wealth, became the electoral slogan in all Soviet bloc countries.

Alas, change through wealth redistribution also became the electoral slogan of the Democratic Party during American's 2008 electoral campaign.

Obama and his camp continued to use disinformation techniques to denigrate capitalism into the 2012 campaign cycle until, in Pacepa's words, "Capitalism lost elections for the first time in the history of the United States."