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Vampira: Beatnik, Goth, Punk

vampira color

I've toyed with the idea of starting a regular series called something like "You Invented Nothing."

I'd put up vintage photographs without comment, except for the date, and maybe a snarky title.


"Hipsters, behold!"

I've complained here before about Lady Gaga stealing "half her career" from Nina Hagen, Toyah Willcox, Lene Lovich and Hazel O'Connor.

Or maybe you've already seen this widely-Tumblr'd photo taken in Canada in 1940.

Note the casual, camera-carrying guy center right, looking quite out of place with his sunglasses, graphic shirt and hat-less head.

He's been dubbed the "Time Traveling Hipster":


Is the photo a (sort of lame) hoax?


People back then wore sunglasses and clothes with writing on them (especially varsity sweaters and sweatshirts).

Just not as many as we see today.

Every generation thinks it invented sex, but it's less commonly observed that it also thinks it invented "cool."