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Mark Steyn's Muslim Nemesis Sues Another Free Speech Champion


When we last left law student Khurrum Awan and his pals at the Canadian Islamic Congress (CIC), they'd been turned into international laughingstocks.

That's a pretty predictable outcome when you sue Mark Steyn and Canada's oldest newsmagazine for "Islamophobic hate speech" -- after Steyn & co. simply quoted some Muslim supremacists in their very own words boasting about their plans to take over the West by "outbreeding" the infidels.

Awan and his fellow belligerents lost, but not until Maclean's magazine shelled out an estimated $2 million in their own defense.

(The Muslim troublemakers had all their legal fees paid for by Canadian taxpayers.)

I've written about that case, and others, in my book The Tyranny of Nice.

Now, another "character" in that book, broadcaster and publisher Ezra Levant, is the one being hounded by Khurram Aman.

You see, Levant attended Steyn's trial and live-blogged it in his own inimitable -- that is, cheeky and candid -- fashion to the delight of readers.

Every reader except Awan, who as the leader of the so-called CIC "sockpuppets," was the target of much of Levant's tart criticism.

Awan sued Levant for libel back then.

The case is finally in court.