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Canada's 'Gay Batman and Robin' Freed from Egyptian Prison

Free Loubani, Greyson Rally

The "Ransom of Red Chief" jokes started flying soon after infamous troublemakers Tarek Loubani and John Greyson were thrown into an Egyptian jail in August.

The pair are known anti-Israel "activists."

That would be their own damn business if Canadian taxpayers weren't forced to directly or indirectly sponsor their never-ending nonsense -- stunts no Egyptian citizen would survive doing for a second.

Take Loubani for instance:

Loubani is, in fact, a doctor from London, Ont. He calls himself a Palestinian refugee, though he came to Canada from Kuwait, where he was born. But it's politically sexier to say you're Palestinian.

Loubani is an extreme activist. When a Canadian cabinet minister was announcing a grant to help people with disabilities, Loubani stormed into the press conference, disrupting it, shouting about how he's a refugee from Palestine. Even though he's been in Canada since he was a child. And he's a rich doctor, doing just fine.

Loubani just wouldn't leave the press conference, even when security guards asked him to. He kept shouting like a crazy person until police escorted him away.