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A Revolution in High Class Winemaking

UnionvilleGlass These gorgeous oversized glasses were ordered especially for the premiere of the three Single Vineyard Chardonnays.

If you haven't heard of The Judgement of Paris you should check out the film Bottle Shock starring a pre-Star Trek Chris Pine. If you haven't heard of The Judgement of Princeton, you should check out Unionville Vineyards.

Tucked away in the hills of Revolutionary New Jersey not far from Princeton, Unionville is the leader in high class, home grown wines at affordable prices. With Unionville it's all about style. Set amid the rolling acres of vines are a brick farmhouse dating back to 1858 and a huge red barn that houses a rustic tasting bar and seating area. Acoustic jams echo through the beams on weekends and special events.

For $10 we selected 8 wines from a list of 17 broken into four series: George, Fox, Artisan, and Single Vineyard. Given that this particular weekend was the launch of three new single vineyard Chardonnays, grown at three separate vineyard locations across the state, I aimed toward the latter series selecting the Bell Well, Mountain Road and Pheasant Hill to try first.

According to our tasting guide, the Bell Well is the most popular of the three single vineyard Chardonnays, described by the winemaker as "full but retrained with wonderful balance." It is a friendly Chardonnay to be sure and my husband, who despises all things oak and dry admired it the most out of the three in the series. Honestly, you can't go wrong with Bell Well. It is clean, fresh, smooth and lacking the kind of overwhelming buttery nature that makes a Chardonnay so incredibly offensive.