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Impotent Rage: The Liberal Superhero

Warning: Mature content. This video and its audio track are NOT safe for work, and most certainly not suitable for children.

Grand Theft Auto V came out for video game consoles earlier this week and pushes boundaries in every conceivable way - creatively, technically, and satirically. The franchise has always served as a send up of American culture, leaving few memes unexploited in its expanding and increasingly complex world.

The last iteration, Grand Theft Auto IV, introduced television watching as an in-game activity. As your character, you could sit in a home within the game and watch original programming which fleshed out the game world. That feature is back in GTAV, and one of its shows can be viewed above.

Impotent Rage: The Liberal Superhero pulls no punches in its evisceration of the modern pop culture leftist. While delivered in crass and intentionally offensive packaging, it nonetheless serves as a daring example of how the tools of Hollywood (or Vinewood, as its GTA counterpart is known) can be used as effectively against the Left as they are so frequently used by them.