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How Women Can Transcend the Equality Barrier


Biblical Feminism is not about being equal to a man.

I am not a man, therefore, why would I wish to be equal to one? Today's feminists spend most of their time promoting the idea that men are ignorant, sexist, racist, homophobic meatheads whose solitary goal in life is to get laid. Yet their entire purpose depends on the claim that we're equal to that bunch. That's like saying you hate the popular kids in school while secretly wishing they had invited you to their lame beer parties.

When it comes to high school, you didn't hate the popular kids as much as you hated being forced into a culture that tried to define you on the basis of their purview. The same goes for feminism: It is an ideology that forces women into ancient pagan notions of gender. To the feminist, women are defined by and confined within their bodies. Moreover, women are sexual beings whose number one concern is their fertility.

Of course, no feminist words it this way. Instead, they parade around claiming that all women would choose to have a man's lifeĀ if they had a choice. "If only I weren't stuck with this uterus, I could be as sexually free as Don Draper," the line goes. "If only I didn't have these children suckling at my breast, I could be at the top of the corporate ladder."

Feminism argues for biological liberation under the guise of social reform. It is an ideology that looks at the world and says, "Ermahgerd, I'm so totally like you, it's just myself that's getting in the way! Please invite me to your party!"