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Stand-Up Comic vs. Air Force Colonel: Who's the Real Joker?


The latest stand-up comedy "controversy" is one you probably haven't heard about yet, unless you're serving in the United States Air Force.

Earlier this month, veteran comic Mitch Fatel performed for the troops at RAF Lakenheath in Suffolk, England.

One audience member -- Colonel Mark K. Ciero, 48th Fighter Wing vice commander -- didn't care for Fatel's raunchy jokes.

According to Stars & Stripes, Ciero's report on the show up at the Lakenheath website has "prompted Air Force officials to review procedures regarding entertainment provided to troops."

The performance comes at a time when the U.S. military is reeling from a number of sex assault scandals that have prompted top military and civilian leadership to stress a zero-tolerance policy toward such incidents.

Indeed, although it's tempting to wonder whether or not the sudden "increase" in sexual assaults is simply a rise in the number of reports filed, due perhaps to changes in the definition of "sexual assault" or any number of other factors.

Given recent history, we're well advised to proceed with caution when dealing with such alleged sexual "epidemics."

They often turn out to be fanciful "moral panics" that cause even greater harm to innocent individuals and to society as a whole.