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2 Recipes for Eating Your Way to Back to the Good Life


In my recent post "How These 3 Simple Principles of a Judeo-Christian Diet Saved My Family" I wrote of our journey back to health, a complete lifestyle shift we've dubbed Kosher-Christian.

How ironic is it that the very key to my husband's recovery is the food he eats, or more accurately, my cooking? Have I told you that I've always hated cooking? Now everything's changed from his health to my cooking. And honestly, I'm loving it.

Soon after he was sentenced to a "skilled, nursing facility" I made an appointment with the dietician. I explained to her that we had come to the belief that nutrition, on a cellular level, was our only ticket to recovery. She agreed. However, in the first week on their "portion control" diet for diabetics, he was constantly hungry. As bad as that was, nothing compared to the moment he got on the scale and discovered he actually gained weight.

That's when we took matters into our own hands and hired a professional nutritionist. We gave the facility the responsibility of only serving him breakfast (our menu) then my daughter made his lunch and took it to him, and I took his dinner.

Together we followed and created recipes for a low glycemic, anti-inflammatory organic diet, rich with super foods -- and chocolate.