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When Walking the Monetary Tightrope, Who Needs a Stinkin' Safety Net?


Life is like a three-ring circus.

Well, at least mine is. That's not a bad thing. It's just part of living a full life. This week, in the center ring we had a new grandson born. All eyes were fixed upon his beautiful little face. We marveled at the goodness of God. Like any grandmother would do, I traveled across a couple states just to kiss his cheek and give him my personal welcome. The front ring filled with anticipation and excitement as the new school year began for our last child at home. She's inching closer to the high school finish line. Then there's the ring in the back, behind us, where the light is dim and hidden from everyone's view -- it stood empty with only shadows of a 19th birthday party that would have been.

Over it all we walk the tightrope of a precarious financial state. We are attempting to balance health needs, an ever-tightening budget, and current obligations, all without dropping off that red line into the abyss of default.

I stumbled a little this week, but I didn't fall. What I did do is learn a valuable lesson and make a firm new resolution. There will be no safety nets. A "safety net" is a false sense of security.

Allow me to explain.