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4 Dumb TV Cliches I Hope Orange Is the New Black Avoids

bilde Please don't turn into a miserable show...

I like to read the comments on my pieces—I don’t have a Ph.D. in “TV rating” or a degree from culinary school—so it’s always helpful to see the perspectives of our readers when I write about food, shows, and living in D.C.  I especially appreciate them when I’m starting a new series or topic.  Many of the comments and stories give me inspiration for future pieces or force me to see the topic in a new light.  This is exactly what happened with the Netflix show Orange Is the New Black.  I wrote my first piece on this series last week — laying out the things I liked about the show and qualities I thought made it different than other sitcoms, which would, hopefully, contribute to it becoming a Netflix success. Unfortunately, after a peek at the comments a few days later, I realized that many of you readers had beat me to the punch: 1) you had finished the series and 2) you definitely had things to say about it.

Like I said, I was hoping the show would be as good as House of Cards. Who wants to spend weeks on end watching and analyzing a horrific show?  Well, it sounds like I might be in for a few weeks of misery. The majority of the comments I received talked about events in the upcoming episodes (I had only seen episodes 1-3 at that point) — and how I would grow to dislike the main character and the entire premise of the series. Essentially, all the things I was hoping wouldn’t happen were hinted at coming true.

This week I decided to outline what I hope doesn't happen in Orange Is the New Black  before I continue watching.  Hopefully, not all my fears will be realized...