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A Meditation on Diet

Guy-and-his-Dog I'm convinced theĀ inventor of the "food pill" bit in SF was a middle-aged single man who was hungry, but didn't know what to eat.

It's actually getting close to nine months since I had that first epiphany -- that I wasn't that much younger, really, than my parents had been when they died, and that I didn't want to die young. Hell, I don't want to die at all, and as the old joke goes, I'll either be immortal or die trying.

Of course, if you've been following this column and my 13 Weeks Facebook page, you already know that what I've done has been to structure things in 13 week experiments; over time, I've begun to see it as:

  1. Observe something that I want to change, like weight or blood sugar.
  2. Propose a treatment -- diet, exercise, drugs, or whatever -- to change that thing, and define how I'll measure my progress.
  3. Perform the treatment for a fixed length of time. For a variety of reasons, I settled on 13 weeks.
  4. At the end of that time, evaluate the results, and either pivot to a new treatment, or persevere in the old one.

Low-carb diet worked for a while; now I'm on a slightly higher-carb "slow-carb" diet that has turned out to be reasonably effective, in that I've resumed losing about a pound a week. It's also done a lot toward controlling my blood sugar and type-2 diabetes, and I've now lost something close to 40 lbs since October, as well as improving my already-good cholesterol.

All in all, it hasn't been spectacular -- I'm not going to get an informercial out of it -- but it's been pretty good.

I've also been writing essentially a diary on the Facebook page and in these columns, looking back, I've learned something from them.

Dieting is hard.