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What the Buddha Wouldn't Say


Along with all my other rants about the way Buddhism is misunderstood, one bunch of misunderstandings and misconceptions that I can't blame on the Victorian translations are the ones that come bundled with the word "religion". Because all the dominant religions in the West are "Abrahamic" and derived from Judaism, we have a very deeply ingrained belief that all religion uniformly believes in a single God or chief god. In fact, a dictionary definition gives:

the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, esp. a personal God or gods: ideas about the relationship between science and religion.

a particular system of faith and worship: the world's great religions.

Then along comes Buddhism. Not only does Buddhism not prescribe a belief in a particular god, when questioned about it, old Siddhartha got very cagey about talking about it at all. Various sutras talk about various believers in other things coming to debate the Buddha, and traditionally there are ten (or fourteen if you're in a Mahayana tradition like me) things that Buddha repeatedly refused to get into. These became known as the Fourteen Unanswerable Questions, (Sanskrit: Avyakrta) and so as not to keep you in suspense, these are:

  • Is the world eternal? Is it not? is it both? Is it neither?
  • Is the world finite? Is it infinite? Is it both? Is it neither?
  • Is the self identical to the body? Is it different or separate from the body?
  • Does an enlightened being continue to exist after death? Or not? Both? Neither?

Theravada Buddhists leave off the both or neither questions on the first two, which is why they only have only ten unanswerable questions. Clearly, Mahayana is superior.

Yes, that was a joke.