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Hollywood's Terrible Southern Accent Syndrome

Filmed in Georgia...but no real Southern accents in sight! Filmed in Georgia...but no real Southern accents in sight!

For years, the town where I grew up - and where I still live - has succumbed to Hollywood fever. Since 1955, television and film crews have called Covington, GA home. I have fond memories of five-year-old me standing on the corner in front of the pharmacy where my mom worked (next door to where I work now) with her and her boss watching cars race down the street over and over again. The chase scene was part of a pilot for a little new show called The Dukes of Hazzard. The show filmed its first season here before going back to Hollywood.

Years later, I appeared as an extra, along with the rest of my high school chorus, in an episode of In the Heat of the Night, (that's me, second from the left on the back row in the video below) which filmed its six seasons in Covington. The library where I worked doubled as the police station, and we would remain open on filming days while the actors would come inside and talk with us in between takes. Currently, The Vampire Diaries films here, and the atmosphere on filming days buzzes with electricity. A local couple makes thousands of dollars every month giving tours to fans who call themselves Vampire Stalkers.

Our town has been the stage for Oscar winners (My Cousin Vinny's Marissa Tomei and a short called The Accountant) and Emmy winners (Carroll O'Connor of In the Heat of the Night). Celebrities as diverse as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Amy Grant, and Denzel Washington have passed in front of the cameras in our town. Needless to say, we longtime Covington residents are used to show business.

Covington isn't that unique. Production companies film all over the South - and have done so for years. So why is it that, most any time a character from the South opens his or her mouth on television or film, the accent that comes out is terrible?