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Actually, Life Doesn't Suck

This week's column is about Buddhism, honest. You're going to have to sit through the story of my week first, though.


My day job had a furlough this week, a little "innovation" by a lot of high-tech companies to get some unpaid vacation off the books and make some financials look better, as well as theoretically saving on utilities, coffee service, and so on. The truth is that I usually hate vacations -- basically, the things I like best are writing and messing about with computers, and unless I actually go to Club Med or something I spend my vacation time primarily messing with computers and writing. Which is fine, as it's what I like to do, but it just screws up the flow of the week.

I had some errands that needed to be done, however, so I figured I'd get things done and write and take it generally easy for a few days. One of the things that had to be done is that my "new" car had to be taken in for the EPA-mandated emissions testing. You can't sell a used car in Colorado if it doesn't pass the emissions test, so the dealership, Sprinkler Used Cars in Longmont CO, gave me a voucher that had to be used within three days. And yes, I'm naming the dealership on purpose; Sprinkler Used Cars sucks.

I drove up to Denver to have lunch with a Facebook acquaintance, and stopped at the emissions test place on the way home. While I was in line to get the test, the car blew up.