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Bad Advice: Stop Chasing Your Dreams


Submit your questions about friendship, relationships, careers, family, or life decisions to [email protected] or leave a question in the comments section, and I’ll answer it in Bad Advice, PJ Lifestyle’s new advice column every Wednesday!

Dear Bad Advice,

For about as long as I remember, being a graphic designer or artist of some kind has been my dream. I've always been really creative, and I even took a few classes in college, but you know how you get on a career track and you kinda get swept past the thing you want to do and into the thing that pays your bills.

I have an okay job and lots of fun things to do all the time, but I have to admit that sometimes I see other people I knew from art classes going on and making their art into a career and I get jealous. I never really gave it a shot, and now I feel like my chance has passed. I want to get into art again, but I need more classes in order to get a real job doing design, and I don't have any time for classes. I need more software too, and a more powerful computer and a bunch of other accessories too, and that all adds up. I wish I could hit pause on my life (and my bills!) for just a little while to have the money and time to set myself up to follow this dream, but it just doesn't seem possible and that makes me really sad. Is there any hope?

- Despairing Designer

This is going to sound like bad advice, but quit chasing your dream.