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Master Yoda and the Buddha


A few days ago, Walter Hudson had a piece up on "The Folly of the Jedi".

I have to admit, my first reaction is the one that I've learned in about a thousand years of science fiction fandom -- okay, it's only 40, but it feels like a thousand -- which is "Dude, it's a movie. It's fiction. There is no thousand-generation Galactic Empire."

I'd fully enjoyed the pleasures of arguing about the Hollywood white-guy communism of Star Trek's Federation and what The Force might be; the truth is, damn little of anyone's world-building will stand up to that kind of scrutiny. It's usually better suited to late night conversations in the con suite while wondering who will pass out next in the bathtub.

It happened though, that Walter had hit on a particular line from the movie. Master Yoda warns Anakin against becoming attached, because attachment leads to fear, and --